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Our Serving ministries

Voices Of Judah (VOJ)
VOJ is the worship team at ANCNJ. They seek to blend musical creativity into an offering of authentic worship that exalts God and inspires others to do the same. The sound created at each gathering facilitates a movement of the Spirit of God.
Media & Social Media
Media Social Media Media team is devoted to enhancing in-person and online worship experiences through the use of effective audio, visual, and lighting techniques. They amplify the mission of the church and capture key moments for ANCNJ.
Membership Assimilation
Membership Assimilation assists with transitioning those who are visiting into becoming full members of House of Restoration. They teach on the history, core values, mission and vision of the church.
The Ushering Ministry is devoted to helping the church accomplish its overall mission by presenting a loving atmosphere upon people’s arrival to service. They maintain order and direction before, during, and after service.
Kingz Kidz
The heart of Kingz Kidz ministry is to equip children to live their destiny by positioning them to navigate their life with God as their compass. Their ambition, creativity, and dreams are all channeled through the word to release them to their greatness.
Torchbearers (Outreach & Evangelism)
Torchbearers is the outreach and evangelism arm of the church. They seek to use innovative strategies to reach souls and make disciples of all nations. This begins by serving the local community and extends by spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Facility & Security
Facility and Security manages the upkeep of the building and the surrounding area. This ministry also ensures the safety of the congregants during and after service.
Thrive Scholarship & Mentorship
The scholarship and mentorship ministry seeks to foster an environment of continued learning by encouraging youth in their pursuit of knowledge. This includes but is not limited to: scholarship opportunities, career development, and mentorship to empower people to release their full potential.
Dorcas (Welfare)
Dorcas Ministry is the welfare and benevolence ministry of the ANCNJ church family. They cater to socio-economic needs of the church, assisting members in times of illness, childbirth, relocation, bereavement, and many other needs.
Shekinah Glory
Shekinah Glory is the ANCNJ dance ministry and is an integral part of the worship experience. They incorporate flagging, interpretive, and various dance techniques to create an atmosphere of reverence to God.
Battle Axe Prayer
Our prayer ministry engages heaven on behalf of our church, individuals, leaders, and the nations. They are constantly engaged in intercession to partner with Heaven to ensure the miracles, deliverance, and protection of the church and those associated with the church.
Planning & Events
Planning & Events ensures that special events for ANCNJ are planned efficiently. They use food, decor, and other means to create a joyous atmosphere.

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Servants are a vital part of our church community. God has given each of us unique gifts and abilities, and there are many different ways to serve. Choose which ministry you'd like to serve with below and we'll be in touch with you.